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Residential Roofing Services Throughout Alabama

At Bluefin Exteriors, we specialize in roof-related services in Tuscaloosa and beyond. This includes many, many residential roofing jobs that we’ve completed over the last 20 years!

We’ll work directly with your insurance company for your roof repair or replacement as a result of storm or other damage so that you can make sure your home is secure and leak-free without having to pay out of your own wallet.

7 Warning Signs of Hidden Roof Damage

Don't get caught with sudden, costly roof repairs. It’s great to keep a close eye on your roof, but you should also know how to spot problems—including these 7 key danger signs—before they severely impact your wallet.

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  • A leak in the attic. After a strong storm or wind-driven rain, take a look in the attic for signs of leaking. It could indicate damaged shingles, inadequate underlayment or deteriorated flashing.
  • Blistering or peeling of interior or exterior paint. Moisture trapped in the house due to poor ventilation can cause indoor or outdoor paint to peel and blister.
  • Stains on interior ceilings and walls; mold or mildew growth. Stains—or worse, mold—can be caused by leaks from outside the house or moisture trapped inside.
  • Exterior decay in sheathing and/or siding. Excess moisture can contribute to decay.
  • Missing, cracked, or curled shingles. Dry, cracked, or easily broken shingles have reached the end of their useful life, which means it’s time to invest in a new roof.
  • Dark, dirty-looking areas on your roof. Vegetation, fungus, mold, or algae growth can cause dark stains on your shingles. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new roof, but if you do choose to replace your shingles, we recommend ones with StainGuard protection.
  • Excessive energy costs. Inadequate ventilation can drive up your household cooling costs by trapping hot air in the attic. Attic moisture can also drip into your insulation, reducing its effectiveness.

How to Inspect for Damage

Why wait for the drip, drip, drip of a damaged roof? It’s a good idea to inspect your roof regularly, and who better to do that than Bluefin Exteriors! Call us for a FREE on-site evaluation and consultation about our findings.

“The before and after roofing pictures were worth a thousand words. I can bet no one can gave a competition to these roofing contractors in this area. Truly the best.”
—Monique P

“I wholeheartedly recommend the crew for their fantastic job that they did for me. During the fall my roof faced an issue, and they took all efforts to repair the damage done to our home by a hailstorm earlier in the year. They replaced our roof and managed several other hailstorm-related projects, including exterior painting of the entire house. Overall, they exceeded our expectations with every project. I would call him again for being kind, professional, and easy to work with.”
—Carla G.

“Bluefin Exteriors, LLC came out and provided me with an estimate to replace five pipe boots on our 18-year-old roof. He was upfront about the price and that the cost of the materials and labor would be high for what was being requested. I know I could have saved money by doing it myself, but I don't have the experience or constitution to walk around on a roof with the pitch angle we have. I was impressed that they were so upfront with the cost and work to be done. They came out and did the work as they committed to.”
—Casey L.

“My roof was looking kind of old and my neighbor recommended Bluefin Exteriors. I checked them out on the web and saw that they specialized in storm damage and I know my roof had been through several storms. Bluefin dealt with the insurance company and got me a new roof and it looks GREAT! I would highly recommend Bluefin Exteriors; great folks to work with!”
—Brandon P.

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